Mindfulness and Meditation Guidance

I have spent years practicing the stillness of mindfulness and meditation; attending courses,  MBSR training, and  sitting in silent retreats.
Stress plays a significant role in creating illness and imbalance in our bodies.
Utilizing even the basics of mindfulness can be life-changing.
This instruction can be done through telemedicine, utilizing zoom.


Science proves that meditation lowers the secretion of stress hormones, lowers our blood pressure, and increases our immune response.  This practice is an integral part of good health and balance. I have years of life experience with this practice and find it to be paramount to my mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Simply stated, mindfulness is the development of  the skillful action of paying attention.  This skill can bring us calm, equanimity, and energy. It is considered “right concentration”. In cultivating a mindfulness practice into your daily life it brings you greater peace and helps you to let go of attachments which can cause suffering.

Together we will create a home practice that you can explore on your own schedule.  I will offer guidance along the way including guided meditation, mindfulness practice, and breath work. This can also be done utilizing video conferencing.