The most important action you can take right now to keep your body healthy, is to keep your immune system strong.

Most of you know the basics.

Eat healthy. Consume less processed food and sugar, more fruits and vegetables. Since we are home, you have all the time you need to cook healthy food. Pull out those cookbooks that have been collecting dust on the shelf and be creative. A good friend shared with me her idea of cooking food from different parts of the world and incorporating themes into your dinner time. Great Idea for teaching your children about different cultures and traditions.

Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Meditate at least 5 minutes every day. Reducing stress is paramount to a healthy immune system. I know for many of us, this is challenging right now. A daily mindfulness and meditation practice will literally reduce your stress hormones.
Basic supplements that help the immune system include;
Vitamin C 3,000 mg/day. Vit D 2-5,000 IU/day. Zinc picolinate 45mg/day, Cortisol balancing supplements are also important.
Antivirals include; Monolaurin, Lysine, Oregano Oil.
I sell all of the above at my clinic. Additionally, I prescribe anti-viral Chinese Herbal formulas and other products that have been researched to increase the immune system response.
Keep Calm & Stay Healthy!


Like so many of you, I am waiting out this shutdown, sheltering in place. Today, I watch the snow gently falling. It is beautiful & peaceful, but I am concerned about all my newly sprung green plants and flowers.I recognize that this is the perfect metaphor for our lives right now. We are waiting out this storm, unsure of what is next. We cannot yet make plans, we cannot play in the parks with our friends and family. We cannot spring forth with our usual energy of spring. Rather, we must wait, and trust, and be still.
That is often the natural lesson of spring, especially here in the high desert. Plants burst out their greeness in the hope of the early spring warmth and sunshine. But then the late spring snow comes and covers all their infant greeness. Ugh the sigh of, oh no. Will they recover? Will the blossoms that were about to spring still happen? What now? So much we do not know.

My experience of living in this high desert for 30 years, tell me all will be well. The plants, flowers, and flowering trees will be ok. They might be a little stunned. It might take some time for recovery, bu their growth will continue. Soon they will be alive with color, and fruit and green leaves. They have weathered this storm many times. Their roots are strong.
This resiliency of nature gives me hope and reminds me that we will all survive this somehow, someway. We will be together again soon. We will be open again soon.
Hang in there, everyone. Keep breathing deep. I will be here for you when I can open again. Blessings for our continued growth.

Dr. Alix


Dr. Alix Bjorklund, owner of Qi, Inc.